Accessing and Removing Backups

The user system files are backed up nightly by the University. If you accidently remove a file or directory, it is possible to recover it if you do not wait until after the next backup point. Backups are updated every 24 hours.  The following procedure will help you recover your files, and it is advised that you be in your home directory.

1. The fs lq command will tell you where your backups are located:

eos$ fs lq ~/
The user's name, quota amount, used  storage percentage, and partition amount are highlighted.

2. To gain access to your backups:

eos$ fs mkm BACKUP users.jshmoe.backup

3. This should have created a BACKUP directory – in this directory you will find a copy of what your home directory looked like around midnight the previous evening. You cannot write into the BACKUP directory, but you can copy the files you need out of it.

4. To un-mount the BACKUP directory, return to your home directory and type:

eos$ fs rmm BACKUP

Un-mounting is important because if you do not un-mount, the backup folder you create will be there when the backup refreshes, which can cause confusion in your file system navigation.

Should I expect an output?