Check AFS Quota

There is a limited amount of space available to you for your Eos/Unity account. To see how much of your disk space you are using, and how much is free, you can use the fs command with the lq subcommand.

eos$ fs lq ~/


Volume NameQuotaUsed% UsedPartition
  • The “Volume Name” is the volume that your account space is contained in.
  • “Quota” tells you how many kilobytes of disk space are reserved for your account.
  • “Used” tells you how much of that space you have used.
  • “% Used” is simply the ratio of “Used” and “Quota” given in a percentage.
  • The “Partition” information refers to the overall amount of the partition your data is spread across.

Should I expect an output?


The output is described in the example.