E 115 Credit by Exam Form

The E 115 Credit by Exam is for students who feel they have prior knowledge to all of the course material without having to take the course itself.

Students who have taken, and failed, a previous E 115 Credit by Exam and/or the E 115 course are NOT eligible for this exam.

By filling out this form you are signifying that you are eligible to take the exam and that you have read all of the material in preparation for the exam.

Sign up for the exam is REQUIRED to be done NO LATER than 5:00pm the Wednesday before the exam is given, in order to ensure accurate registration times and access to the exam site. Please note that you will not be contacted by the admin team until the week of the exam. Exams will take place in DANIELS HALL on Main campus or virtually via Zoom if the University is not in in-person session. If you cannot see the form embedded below, please log into WordPress by using the “login” button on the bottom right of this page.