NFS File Tree

The NCSU File System at NC State is organized into a file tree (see the File System Hierarchy section). Understanding file trees and system hierarchy is critical to the successful navigation of the NC State NFS, including navigating to the E 115 Course Locker.

We know that the beginning of the file tree is the root directory. At NC State, this directory is named / and contains all other directories and files on the network. The main child node of / that we are concerned with is the mnt directory, which contains directories for each of the various systems at NC State. The ncsudrive directory is where most user files are stored, and most of your assignments for this course will be found in the coe directory.

Under the ncsudrive directory, at the next tier, there are 26 directories, one for each letter of the alphabet, with user accounts sorted by the first letter of the user’s unity ID. This is the location of your home directory, which will contain all of your files and directories. For example, if your unity ID was ssrahman, your home directory would be in the directory.

In the coe directory, there is the sub directory of workspace. This is where many courses store their publicly accessible files, usually course related. For E 115, however, course files will be stored in the admin directory. Because E 115 is managed by the Computer Science Department, the e115 directory is inside the csc directory. From there, all folders and associated files are in the common directory, and this will be reiterated throughout the semester. That makes the full path name for the E115 course locker /mnt/coe/workspace/csc/admin/e115