Remove (rm)

Use: Use the remove (rm) command to remove unwanted files and directories from your NFS space (NFS space is limited).

Removed files are permanently deleted. The rm command does not, by standard default, prompt the user to confirm if they would like to delete the specified file or folder.  

eos$ rm filename1 filename2 ...

Dash options:

-rrecursively (go into every subdirectory)
-fforced (prevents output from the rm command, overrides any previous -i options)
-rfdoes not ask permission for all files and directories and works recursively. Required for removing directories.
-iprompts user if they would like to remove each file/folder listed (overrides any previous -f options).


How would you remove INLAB2.txt from your MyE115 directory, if you are in your home directory?

eos$ rm MyE115/INLAB2.txt


eos$ rm /mnt/ncsudrive/u/unityid/MyE115/INLAB2.txt


eos$ cd MyE115
eos$ rm INLAB2.txt

Should I expect an output?

No, unless using the -i option:

rm: remove regular file ‘file.txt’?