Campus Resources

This course will provide you with the knowledge and resources to become a more responsible and effective computer user. You will be provided with information about protecting your machine from malicious risks inherent to internet and computer usage. We will discuss some tools specific to computing environments on NC State’s campus, which you’ll use frequently throughout your university career.

For more detailed information about technology on campus, check out the OIT website.

Learning Outcomes

Maintain and operate their laptop computer as well as being able to access lab computers

Identify central tenets of professional and ethical use of computers

Send and receive e-mail and use other campus computing services

Chapter Learning Outcomes

  1. Use your University account and unityID
  2. Connect to the campus network (NOMAD) and eduroam
  3. Use multi-factor authentication to access university resources (via Shibboleth)
  4. Explain how to back up files and the importance of backing up
  5. Explain the importance of, and how to use, antivirus and spyware software
  6. Explain the importance of regularly scheduling operating system updates
  7. Understand the appropriate use of campus e-mail
  8. Be able to use Learning Management Systems on campus
  9. Understand the campus WolfPrint service
  10. Understand the ethical and legal issues surrounding software piracy and plagiarism.
  11. Differentiate software distribution models such as shareware, buyware, freeware, and open source software.