Basic UNIX Commands

You have been introduced to the NFS (NCSU File System) and some of its functionality here at NC State. Much of what you have learned is what this system looks like and what comprises a pathname. Now you will learn some basic commands to make your use of NFS easier and more effective.

Learning Outcomes

Navigate and operate UNIX-based command-line operations.

Chapter Learning Outcomes

  1. Use basic Unix commands such as ls, cd, pwd, mkdir, cp, mv, rm and rmdir.
  2. Understand networking Unix commands like ssh and scp.
  3. Explain the general syntax for Unix commands.
  4. Learn useful shortcuts and keyboard commands to manipulate the terminal more quickly.

Extra Resources

If you would like to learn more about Unix commands, NC State offers a free account with LinkedIn Learning, which hosts a variety of tutorial videos. Once you have set up your LinkedIn Learning account, you can walk through Unix command training such as this one linked and earn a certificate.