List Directory (ls)

Use: Use the list (ls) command to see the contents of a directory or confirm that a file you requested has moved to the location you wanted.

There are a few options you can use with them as well.

eos$ ls


eos$ ls pathname

Dash options (can be used in any order):

-llist the contents in long format (all information, size, date, owner, etc.)
-alist ALL files, even “.” (dot) files and hidden files
-al OR -lalists ALL files in long format


To list the contents of your home directory while in your home directory.

The ls command being used in the Terminal CLI
eos$ ls

You can use the ls command to list the contents of a directory other than your current working directory by specifying a pathname.

Should I expect an output?


MyDocuments MyE115 File.txt

Note: Contents of the directory will vary depending on user and directory